H.W. Martinson Quality Grass Seeds

Field Grasses

Climax Timonthy

Bromegrass Smooth

Orchardgrass, VNS


Kenucky 31 Tall Fescue

Reed Canarygrass (50% Lime Coating)

Reed Canarygrass, Low Alkaloid


46-0-0 Urea (50#)

9-23-30 "Starter" (50#)

12-12-12 (50#)

19-19-19 (50#)

20-20-20 Soluble (25#)

10-52-10 Soluble (25#)

12-48-8 Soluble (25#)

As for Pallet Pricing on Fertilizer

Kentucky Bluegrass

Baron Kentucky Bluegrass

3-Way Ky. Bluegrass Blend

Pennlawn Red Fescue

Creeping Red/Chewings Fescue

Annual Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Protour 3-Way Perenial Ryegrass

Shady Turfgrass Mix

Mayfair Contractors Mix

MQM III contractorseed Mix

Prosports Athletic Mix

Titian Ultra/RX, Turf-Type Fescue

Bentgrass, Highland

Lazor Poa Trivilas

Red Top

Clover + Hay & Pasture Mix

Medium Red Clover

Kenland Red Clover

Alsike Clover

Atlaswede/Mammoth Red

Y.B. Sweet Clover

Landino Clover

White Dutch Clover

Hay and Clover Mix

Horse and Pasture Mix

Wildlife Forage & Wild Flower Mix

Deer Trail Forage Mix

Wild Game Spring Food Plot Mix

Brassica "Deer Hunter Mix

Prairie Grass Mix

Weeping Lovegrass Mix

Blackwell Switchgrass 

Chicory, Forage

Oil Radisor Seed

Wild Flower Midwest Mix

Sugar Beets

Deer Hunter's Brassica Mix


                  $5.00 CWT                  

Minor Legumes

Leo Birds Foot Trefoil

Norcene Birdsfoot Trefoil

Hairy Vetch

Penngift Crown Vetch


CYCLONE - Broadcast


Clover - Alfalfa Bu.

Vetch, Pea, Crownvech packet

Garden (Treats 8 lb) packet

*Soybean TerrMax Dry 40 Bu.