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A Family Farm Business since 1885

A Family Farm Business since 1885A Family Farm Business since 1885

Garden Planting Guide

Garden and Vegatable Seeds

Sweet Corn Hybrids: Yellow Hybrids

Early Sunglow  (SU, 60-62 days) 

Illini Extra Sweet Early (SH2, 67 day) 

Bodacious  (SE, 75 day) 

Honey Select (Triple Sweet, 79 day)   

Incredible  (SE,  85 day) 

Illini Extra Sweet Late (SH2, 85 day) 

Iochief  (SU,  89 day)

Kandy Korn  (SE,  89 day) 

Golden Queen  (SU,  92 day)

Aspire (RR, LL, BT)MSS,80 days        

(2500 seeds)

Sweet Corn Hybrids: Bi-Color Hybrids

Butter & Sugar  (SE, 65 day)   

Silver & Gold (Sh2, 65 day             

Temptation  (SE, 68-70 day)            

Ambrosia  (SE, 75 day) 

Jackpot  (SE,  82 day)                      

Serendipity  (MSS, 83 day)              

Peaches & Cream  (SE, 83 day)       

Delectable   (SE, 84 day)                  

Pursuit (RR,LL,BT)(81 day) MSS

(2500 seeds/bag)      

Sweet Corn Hybrids: White Hybrids

Illusion  (MSS, 72 day)   

Argent  (SE, 80 day) 

Silver King  (SE, 80 day)

Silver Queen  (SU, 92 day)  

Milky Way (RR, LL,BT)(82 day) MSS 

(2500 seeds/bag)      

Open-Pollinated Sweet Corn (White)

Hickory King (95-100 day) OP corn 


Ornamental-Indian Corn

Indian Ornamental Flint Corn

(110 days)


Snow Puff White (100 day)               

Cream Puff Yellow (105 day)           

Japanese Hulless  (103 day, OP)

Bean Varieties

Bluelake 274 (52 day, Stringless)          

Burpee Stringless (54 day)

Contender (54 day) 

Jade Bush (60 day, stringless)  

Roma II Flat Pod Italian (59 day, Stringless)

Tenderette (56 day, Stringless bush) 

Top crop  (53 day, Stringless bush)

Royal Burgundry (52 day, Purple Pod Bean)

Provider (52 day, Brown Bean, Bush)     

Navy Bean (90 day, White Bean)                

White Half Runner (60 day)  

State Half Runner (54 day, larger white bean) 

Mountaineer White 1/2 Runner(60d,Stringless)

Yellow/Golden Topnotch Wax bean (50 day) 

Pencil Pod Black Bean (58 day, Yellow Wax)

Taylor Dwarf Horticulture (60 day)  

Kidney Bean, Dark Red (95 day, Dry Shell) 

Pinto Bean (90 day, Dry Shell Bean)           

Ky. Wonder Brown Pole Bean (65 day)

Bluelake F1 Hyb. Pole (62 day, White Bean) 

White McCaslan Pole Bean (65 day)

 Lima Bean Varieties

Burpee Lima Bush  (80 day)  

Fordhook 242 Bush  (75 day)  

Thorogreen “Baby Lima” Bush (65 day) 

King of the Garden“POLE LIMA” (88 day) 

Christmas Speckled (POLE LIMA” 88 day) 

Beet Varieties

Detroit Dark Red Beet   (58 day)                       

Sugar Beet  (110 day)   


Carrot Varieties:

Danver Half Long (75 day) 

Nantes Carrot (75 day)     

Cauliflower Varieties: (Packets Only) 

Snowball Y (60-65 day)  

Cabbage Varieties:  (Packets Only)

Flat Dutch  (105 day)

Copenhagen “EARLY” (75 day)  Detroit Dark Red Beet 58 day)


Cucumber Varieties

Straight Eight  (60 day)

Long Green Improved  (70 day) 

Marketmore 76 (66 day)                          

Everbearing (55 day) Excellent for pickles

Boston Pickling   (55 day)

Burpless “Tasty Green” Hyb #26 (55d)

Bush Crop Pickle , Hybrid (45 day)

Bush Crop Cucumber  , Hyb.  (55 d)

Dasher II Hybrid  (58 day)  


Collards-Georgia Southern    (75 day)

Collards-Vates Non-Heading   (70 day)

Kale-Early Siberian   (50 day)

Kale-Blue Curled Scotch Vates 

Mustard-Tendergreen (40-45 day)

Mustard-Southern Curled   (45 day)


Kohlrabi Variety:

Early White Vienna Kohlrabi   (55 day)   

Lettuce Varieties:

Butter Crunch (66 day) 

Black Seed Simpson Leaf Lettuce  (45 day)

Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce (47 day)

Red Sails Lettuce   (40 day)                                  

Oakleaf Lettuce   (45 day) 

Romaine-Paris White Lettuce  (70 day) 

Melon Varieties:

Crimson Sweet Watermelon  (85 day)                  

Sugar Baby Watermelon  (75 day)                        

Allsweet Watermelon   (90 day)                            

Hales Best Cantaloupe/Muskmelon (85 day) 

Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe/Muskmelon (90 day)  Ambrosia Hybrid Cantaloupe/Muskmelon(86d) Iroquois Cantaloupe/Muskmelon (87 day) 

Okra Variety:

Clemson Spineless Okra    (55 day)

Onion Sets:

Yellow Onion Sets 

White Onion Sets 

Red Onion Sets  

Sweet Candy Onion Sets   

Potato Sets:

Kennebec White Potato  (120-130 day)  

Red Lasoda Potato (90-110 day)  

Yukon Gold Potato  (120-130 day)   

Norland “Early” Red Potato (70-90 day)  

Pea Varieties:

Green Arrow  (70 day) 

Little Marvel   (62 day) 

Laxton Progress (64 day) 

Wando (Heat Tolerant)   (68 day)  

Sugar Snap   (Tall Vines)  (68 day)

Sugar Ann/Cascadia Sugar Snap (18”-24”) (55d) 

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas (30”)(68 day)      


Parsnips, Harris Model 

Pepper Varieties: Packets Only

California Wonder Bell (Green/Gold) (75 day)

Jalapeno M or Long Red Cayenne  (75 day) 

Sweet Banana  (65 day) 

Pumpkin & Gourd Varieties:

Big Max Pumpkin   (120 day) oz

Connecticut Field Pumpkin (110 day)

Howden Pumpkin (Green Stem, 115 day) 

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin (110 day) 

Jack-Be-Little Ornamental Pumpkin (100 day) 

Sugar Pie Pumpkin (6#-8#,  108 day)  

Autumn Gold Hybrid Pumpkin (90 day) 

Big Autumn Hybrid Pumpkin (90 day) 

Lumina White Pumpkin (10#-12#, 85 day) 

Cushaw Green Striped Pumpkin (115 day)  

GOURDS/Large & Small Mix (90-100 day)

Dipper Long Handle Gourds (100 day) 

Birdhouse Gourds (100 day)                               

Canteen Gourds  (100 day) 

Rutabaga Variety:

American Purple Top Rutabaga   (90 day) 

Swiss Chard Varieties:

Swiss Chard, Lucullus    (60 day)                       

Swiss Chard, Ruby Red  (55 day)


Squash Varieties:

Black Zucchini  (47 day)  

Butternut Waltham  (70 day) 

Buttercup   (110 day) 

Acorn-Table Queen  (80 day) 

Crookneck Yellow Squash  (52 day)

Green Hubbard Winter Squash  (105 day) 

Spaghetti Vegetable Squash (110 day) 

Straight neck Early Prolific Yellow Squash (50 day)

Radish Varieties:

Champion Radish  (24 day) 

Cherry Belle Radish  (24 day)  

Early Scarlet Globe Radish    (24 day)   

French Breakfast Radish   (24 day)

Sparkler White Tip Radish   (24 day

Icicle White Radish  (55-60 day) 

White Winter Radish  (60 day)  

China Rose Winter Radish  (58 day) 

Spinach Variety:

Bloomsdale Savor Spinach   (45 day) 

Salsify Variety:

Salsify-Mammoth Island(Oyster) (120d)

Tomato Varieties:  Packets Only

Beefsteak Tomato  (90 day)

Marglobe Tomato  (75 day) 

Roma Tomato  (75 day) 

Rutgers Tomato   (75 day)

Delicious Tomato  (77 day) 

Hillbilly Tomato (85 day)

Celebrity Tomato  (72 day)

Turnip Varieties:

Purple Top White Globe Turnip(57 day) 

Seven Top (Greens Only/Forage)(60 day)

Herbs: Packets Only

Basil, Sweet



Dill, Long Island    

Fennel, Sweet 

Lavender, Munstead 

Marjoram, Sweet    

Oregano, Vulgare    

Parsley, Italian 









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